Headrest DVD Players

How to Measure for Fit


First step is to measure your headrest pillow size: length, width and height. Some vehicle seats have a limited space for the headrest pillow to slide in. If your vehicle has a seat with limited width, you’ll want to pay extra attention to measuring the headrest pillow width and compare it with the width of our headrest pillows to ensure they’ll fit.

For example our AUTOTAIN DREAM headrest pillows are one of the narrower models for 9” screens with a 10” pillow width.


This step requires a tape measure. Simply measure the distance between the 2 headrest posts for your factory headrest. To have an accurate measurement, don't measure from inside to inside, measure from center to center, left side to left side or right side to right side. Any of these will work. Most headrest DVD player packages that come in a pillow have adjustable headrest posts to fit "most vehicles". But there are some vehicles with the posts too close or too far apart.

For example the DREAM headrest pillow metal posts will adjust to fit between 4" and 8" apart. If your factory headrest posts are between 4" and 8", you're good to go with the DREAM model.


This isn't a critical step as all our packages come with post adapters to fit all available post sizes. However, we are the only company to offer solid metal headrest posts for all diameter sizes. They're called VERSA headrest posts.

The standard package comes with 10mm metal posts (which is the most common size) and sleeves to enlarge to the other sizes. If you're factory headrest posts are 12mm 12.7mm (1/2 inch) or 14mm in diameter, you can ADD the VERSA posts to your order if you wish.

TIP: To measure your post diameter, simply use open ended wrenches that are 10mm, 12mm 1/2" or 14mm in size. This is much easier than trying to use a tape measure.