Headrest DVD Players

Our House Brand is AUTOTAIN

There are a TON of headrest DVD player packages and brands out there. After spending 10 minutes researching your head may begin to feel like exploding due to so many choices, we know. The good news is we're here to make things simple. Most models out there come from Chinese companies that simply copy each other and change the brand name. They don't really add any value. They don't even physically stock the items they're selling most of the time. It's a copy and paste type of business. Most are here today, gone tomorrow. Unfortunately, this process creates a TON OF NOISE in the market and makes it more difficult for customers to find what they're really looking for.

Like I said earlier, we work directly with factory engineers to take customer feedback and make future models better than past models. Each year we roll out new models and improve upon existing models. It's a never-ending process of constant improvement and AUTOTAIN** is the brand we use to deliver these improvements to you!**

We then add important accessories into our packages that we feel make the customer experience a tad more enjoyable and the installation a tad easier. We include cigarette lighter power cables. We include home power cables (when it makes sense). We include 2 remote controls rather than 1 so each child has their own. We include HOW TO INSTALL instructions to show you how easy it may be to install into your vehicle. We also include HOW TO ENJOY instruction because we all know the small print instruction booklets from overseas factories are hard to read without glasses and most times don't make any sense. We show you how to setup the headphones, how to navigate the DVD players and how to adjust the settings to your preference. We also show you tips that help avoid problems down the road.

> Again, "Smiles in the back seat" is our measure of success!