Headrest DVD Players

Should You Buy a Headrest DVD Player with HD Resolution?

That’s a good question. I say the answer is...it depends. It depends on your use. Here are 2 factors to consider.

1) It depends on your children’s age. For example, if you’re children are younger, most likely all they’ll be watch are cartoons. Most cartoons are produced at a lower resolution and therefore will only be displayed at the lower resolution anyways. Remember we talked about the DVD format being the limiting factor earlier. If the DVD being played is at a 4:3 aspect ratio then having headrest monitor screens with higher resolutions will not even be utilized.

2) If you’re mostly playing DVD’s. So one of the limiting factor of a DVD is that it can only play up to the 720x480 (480i) video resolution. This is something most people don’t know. They may buy a headrest DVD player with higher resolution however while playing the DVD it is being played at the 720x480 resolution. The headrest DVD player will simply “Upscale” or stretch the image to the higher screen resolution.

To play truly HD movies on headrest DVD player screens, you’ll need to play the movie from the USB, SD or HDMI ports saved and rendered in the same HD format. Many newer models of headrest DVD players can play movies up to 1080p format from the SD, USB or HDMI ports onto their screens. Note, there are some limitations of file size and formats so keep that in mind.

For more details about headrest monitor screen resolution, pixels, aspect ratios and more, go here: headrest screen resolution and aspect ratio.