Headrest DVD Players

Does Your Vehicle Have Active Headrest Technology?

We’ve scoured the internet for hours and hours in search for a complete list of vehicles with Active Headrest Technology and unfortunately came up empty handed. I know, you were looking for the easy answer, and we wanted to give it to you….

Here’s what we do know. Saab was the first and only company to have Active Headrest Technology in 1997-1999. Volvo added it in 1999 and BMW added it in 2003. Toyota began adding it in 2007, Audi began adding it in 2011 and Dodge began adding them in 2011. To only name a few.

If your vehicle was manufactured before these dates, it’s likely that your vehicle does not have Active Headrest Technology. If your vehicle was manufactured on or after these dates, the possibility that your vehicle has Active Headrest Technology increases and the newer your vehicle is, the greater this possibility becomes as auto manufacturers continue adding this safety feature to more and more vehicles.

Ultimately, you’ll want to take the time to research and determine with certainty if your vehicle does or does not have Active Headrest Technology. Most times you can do this by searching the safety feature section of your vehicle owner’s manual. You can search the vehicle manufacturer’s website for your exact vehicle year, make and model. You can contact your local dealership and ask them specifically, they will normally know or can quickly research it for you.

Another possible way to quickly check for Active Headrest Technology is to pull your existing headrest pillow up and out of the car seat. While removing the headrest pillow, if there’s a wire running through the factory headrest post then most likely your vehicle has Active Headrest Technology. Note, some systems are purely mechanical in design and don’t require a wire, so this is not a 100% method.

What Headrest DVD Players are Compatible with Active Headrest Technology?

If your vehicle has Active Headrest Technology, no worries. ** At OnFair, we’ve worked directly with factory engineers to design and develop headrest DVD player systems that can be installed in your vehicle without interfering with the factory headrest pillows that have Active Headrest Technology inside.**

At OnFair, we call this group of headrest DVD players that are compatible with vehicles with Active Headrest Technology our “Clamp On” headrest DVD players because they simply clamp onto your existing factory headrest posts.

Note, while our clamp on style headrest DVD players are perfectly designed to be compatible with vehicles that do have Active Headrest Technology, they are also compatible with vehicles that DO NOT have Active Headrest Technology. So your family can enjoy our OnFair clamp on headrest DVD player packages either way. No need to go out and buy a new vehicle with Active Headrest Technology just to get our headrest DVD players….HA!