Headrest DVD Players

About Headrest Zipper Covers and Non-Covers

Most of OnFair headrest DVD player packages include the option to have or not have a zipper cover for the headrest pillow. Some models this is a FINAL decision when you order the headrest package. You can choose to permanently have a zipper cover included or no cover included. The cover is attached to the headrest in this case and so it is not removable.

Some headrest models at OnFair offer a Removable Zipper Cover option such as the AUTOTAIN DREAM model. This allows for a "BEST OF BOTH WORLDS" scenario.

The EPIC model comes in only one option and that is without a zipper cover. This is mainly due to the size and shape of the headrest pillow to accommodate the larger screen.

The benefits of a zipper cover are mostly concealment of the headrest DVD monitor when not in use to avoid possible theft as well as more of a "Factory Look" when the zipper cover is up.

Benefits of a non zipper cover is mainly less clutter and easier access to getting the headrest DVD player up and running. With younger kids, this can be a big plus. The zippers can also be a little difficult for little fingers and so we always recommend an adult do the zipping.

Obviously, the zipper cover is only a factory for in-pillow style headrest DVD players.