Headrest DVD Players

What to Look for When Buying Headrest DVD Players

Top things to consider before choosing the best headrest DVD player for you needs.

Headrest DVD Player Fit

Finding the best headrest DVD player package that'll fit into your vehicle can be one of the most confusing or frustrating parts of buying headrest DVD players. We're here to help!

We dive deeper into the how-to parts of measuring your post distance, post diameter and headrest pillow size here. If you haven't done this yet, DO IT NOW! This is the first step.

Active vs. Non-Active headrests

If your vehicle has Active Headrest Technology, this becomes a deciding factor on the type of headrest DVD player you can buy. So spending 5 minutes to find out if your vehicle has Active Headrest Technology is important. Most people don't know and this may be the first time you've even heard about it. So we dive deeper into what Active Headrest Technology is here. Take a look.

Pillow Color

While there are a million +1 car interior colors on the market, there are only 3 headrest pillow colors available for headrest DVD players. But no worries, the 3 colors will be a match or "near match" for the majority of colors on the market.

The struggle is that each computer monitor or smart phone screen will display the color differently and so we'd LOVE to mail you a FREE material color sample in advance of ordering if you'd like to see side by side the color of the headrest DVD player pillow next to your seats. We send many of these out each day. Simply send us your information here.

Top Features

2 DVD Players: The average family has 2.3 kids. This means having only 1 headrest DVD player or even 1 headrest with a DVD player and 1 headrest as a (slave) monitor will simply NOT WORK! We know each child will want to watch their own movie and so finding a package with 2 DVD players can be a very important feature. Good news is at this time, all AUTOTAIN packages of 2 headrests come with 2 DVD players as well.

2 Channel Headphones: If you're going to have 2 DVD players, you also need to have 2 channel headphones to go with. This way, each child can hear "only their movie" at the same time.

Touch Screen vs. Non-Touch: This is more of a preference. Touch screen monitors can be easier to learn and easier for young children to learn. Much like learning how to navigate a tablet or smart phone. However, at a young age, they may not be able to reach the screen.

Non-touch headrest DVD players will typically have some of the most important and basic navigation buttons at the bottom of the player. So access is similar to a touch screen, but they will be a tad more difficult to learn for younger children as some buttons may have more than one purpose.

Detailed Instructions: This is something OnFair TAKES GREAT PRIDE in. We go miles and miles above the competition when it comes to providing customers with "how-to" instructions on how to install and how to use/enjoy your headrest DVD players. It's our objective to help our customers eliminate the confusion, streamline the installation and rapidly learn the in's and out's of their headrest DVD players. We hope you'll appreciate our efforts and benefit as well!!